PT Towards Sustainable Business (TSB) is a Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting agency. We provide full spectrum of CSR services to the companies, from strategic concept development to impact evaluation.

TSB is founded this year, in 2016. The experts behind TSB have been in CSR and development field since 20 years ago. TSB’s expert has been working with UN agencies, International and local NGOs as well as Indonesian government for CSR projects for over 17 years.

TSB is an expert in Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene (WASH), sustainability development and strategic CSR counselling.

TSB is not a water purification company. We are a strategic CSR consulting agency. As an expert in WASH related CSR, we have the expertise in establishing the proper water and sanitation system which is sustainable for the businesses and surrounding community where it operates. It is not only about establishing an infrastructure for water management system, but more about changing the behaviour of community so they will have better understanding of sanitation/hygiene and adapt positive behaviour towards general health.

TSB is not a waste management consultant. We are a strategic CSR consulting agency. However, waste management system is part of our WASH expertise, thus TSB can provide you with counsel relating with waste management, more into its correlation with sanitation / hygiene and overall community’s behavioural change.

We provide strategic CSR / sustainability development concept development, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement, research, feasibility study, analysis, sustainability reporting, assessment, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, communication strategy for CSR.

TSB is a unique blend of global knowledge, international standard of expertise and local wisdom. We have international expert with global perspective and is familiar with Indonesian cultures and landscape, having experienced working in remote islands of Indonesia for WASH projects. We’re a boutique-size consulting agencyand that size allows our senior experts to provide personalized and hands on consultation to our clients, while offering competitive price, at par with other Indonesian local companies

Yes. TSB will be happy to support companies with existing CSR programs / activities in place, as well as those that are about to establish their CSR practices/programs. Our approach will be tailor-based according to your CSR needs and budget.

TSB defines our projects into 2 areas: retainer and ad-hoc projects. The retainer ones are the project which takes at least 3 continuous months of activities, while ad-hoc are those with less than 3 months period. Ideally, we would suggest to establish proper CSR planning as it will create maximum impact and sustainability for your businesses. Proper CSR planning is a well thought-out and comprehensive CSR approach, from concept development to implementation, monitoring and evaluation measurement. For this, we implement retainer budget, through calculation of man-hour to carry on the services entailed. However we understand that every company has different needs and budget priorities, thus we are also able to provide you with ad-hoc (one off) project services – according to your needs at the time – with standard fee for each activities.

We can be contacted through this website or call us at 021 29036400. We will be more than happy to arrange time and discuss with you on how we can help you with your CSR planning.