1001fontaines is a French NGO whose vision is that the best way to improve the health of vulnerable populations is to enable them to drink safe water. 1001fontaines has pioneered an innovative model, leveraging philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to create a sustainable impact. TSB have supported 1001fontaines in 2021 – 2022 on an 8-months feasibility study. The objective of the mission was to understand the legal framework around water access in Indonesia, to map the key WASH stakeholders and to define the operational conditions for 1001fontaines to replicate its water kiosk model in Indonesia. “We gained significant time and avoided many mistakes thanks to Claire’s deep knowledge of Indonesia. She spent time understanding the specificities of our operating model in order to give us the most appropriate advice and she always went the extra mile to make sure her advice was matching the realities on the field. She also mobilized her network in the WASH sector both at national and local levels to evaluate the potential adequation of the 1001fontaines kiosk model to the Indonesian context” (Romain Joly – 1001fontaines director)