Program Impact Evaluation of Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC) to the Community Economic Empowerment, March-July 2018


Sampoerna ( is the leading tobacco company in Indonesia.

Sampoerna believes that company’s success is measured by the company’s business performance, and the ability to contribute positively and sustainably to the wider community. Through the Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia program (SUI), Sampoerna inspires, motivates, and facilitates the community / beneficiaries through four focused pillars; (1) Economic Opportunities, (2) Access to Education, (3) Women Empowerment, and (4) Disaster Preparedness & Response.

To reach the goal of Economic Opportunity pillar, since 2003 Sampoerna manages the Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC). SETC is an integrated learning and training centre that primarily focused the enthusiast individuals or community on the Small Medium Entrepreneurship (SME).

Sampoerna hired TSB to conduct SETC program evaluation to measure the outputs and outcomes of the SETC programs. TSB completed all required evaluation steps, including; determined the evaluation methods, designed the evaluation tools, various data collection process, data analyzed and finally reported the result. A list of recommendation was presented and accepted by the Sampoerna management.