In mid-2021 the third wave of COVID-19 hit while Myanmar was reeling from the effects of the February 1, 2021 military coup. The double crisis has a tremendous impact on the WASH outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic raised the need for personal hygiene behaviour, especially hand washing with soap, while the political context exacerbated the access to clean water and sanitation infrastructures and services. The displacement of thousands of people, in camps or in host communities, had led to access to poorer water quality and lack of access to proper sanitation in addition to an increased pressure over resources. TSB team, strong from its experience in emergency and its WASH expertise on humanitarian relief, supports UNOPS LIFT program in Myanmar for its nutrition-sensitive activities on WASH. TSB advises LIFT implementing partners on WASH intervention, develop WASH positioning documents and guidance notes as well as advising on WASH M&E framework.