WASH Pledge Certification Training

Under the partnership between Towards Sustainable Businesses (TSB) and TuV Nord, a WASH Pledge Certification Training for the TuV Nord Auditors has been successfully delivered. TSB as WBCSD WASH Pledge Advisor in Indonesia facilitated the training that aimed to enhance the understanding on WASH Pledge Initiative and to equip TuV Nord personnel with the knowledge and tools required to endorse the WASH Pledge. WASH Pledge is a unique global initiative for access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene at the workplace. This is the opportunity for organizations that care to contribute concretely to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal number 6. In Indonesia, several reputable companies already committed to implement the initiative to increase their staff health and well-being and therefore their productivity. From now, companies will be further recognized in their effort to implement the WASH Pledge in their premises by receiving a formal certificate useful to document their experience towards sustainability.