Technical assistant on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) implementation at the Workplace – Phase 1, May – August 2017

AQUA Group ( is a pioneer of bottled drinking water in Indonesia, founded in 1973. AQUA forged a strategic partnership with Danone in 1998.

As the n°1 packaged mineral water producer in Indonesia, AQUA is highly dedicated to a safe WASH (water and sanitation and hygiene). It is aimed not only to produce high quality and safe drinking water product but also to fulfil the staff wellbeing.

In 2017, Danone AQUA management very enthusiast to augment the company’s effort to reach the WBCSD WASH global standards in the workplace. Danone AQUA commissioned TSB to conduct series of WASH Pledge assessment targeting several Danone AQUA premises. By using the WASH Pledge in the workplace assessment tool, TSB completed assessment in two premises.  Besides completed the assessment report, TSB also submitted the recommendation to the management of the essential improvement to meet the WASH Pledge in the workplace standard.