Humanitarian Assistance Project Cycle Management Training, April – May 2019

Oxfam ( focuses on empowering women to realize their rights, influences people in power to reduce inequality and poverty, and helps to build resilience to disasters.

Responded to the Central Sulawesi earthquake, Oxfam worked closely with the organization partners, to fulfil the basic needs of the most affected population. Focused on the sector of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), livelihood, shelter. Oxfam program strategy was also focused to build the capacity of local staffs and organizations, on the aspect of project management and technical sectors.

Oxfam selected TSB to deliver the Emergency Project Cycle Management (PCM) training to strengthen the knowledge and skill of Oxfam staff and partners to perform effective emergency response transition and recovery project. TSB responsible to prepare the training curricula, module and material and facilitate the training processes.

The four days PCM training delivered in various methodologies was participated by 22 project staffs, represented the project technical and management/administration team. The evaluation training indicated the training participants increased their knowledge, skill and self-confidence to deliver both in technical and project management.