What We Do

Project Management

More and more organizations are recognizing project management as one of their core business competencies. These organizations are raising their level of project management performance and are seeing significant business benefits. Project management brings the greatest contribution to the business strategy.

TSB offers the organizations to deliver the project management for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, Corporate Social Value (CSV) project or humanitarian or emergency response project. Our services encompass:

  • Project Initiation – performing assessment or survey and define the project goals & objectives,
  • Project Planning – detailing project activity, the timeline and budget and setting up the team
  • Project Execution and Implementation – delivering project activity based on the project plan
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation – collecting and analyzing data, presenting as information for improvement and decision making
  • Project Reporting – retrieving and compiling key information, copy-writing, designing the layout of a report

Stakeholders Management

Taking the stakeholder’s concerns and interests into account could improve business relationships, it makes easier for the organization to operate; lead to ideas for products or services that will address stakeholder needs, and allow the company to reduce costs and maximize value. Realizing the benefit for the organization, TSB proudly offers a practical, pragmatic approach to sustainability ; we could embrace impartial voices when the organization needs it the most. Our services include ;

  • Planning for Engagement – define the goal and intentions for stakeholder engagement,
  • Stakeholder Identification – step to categorize and prioritize most important internal and external stakeholders,
  • Setting Expectations – reside the people, the places, the formats, the rules, and the culture of the engagement,
  • Engage – deliver desired activity, i.e. stakeholder panel, workshop, communication, Monitoring & Evaluation.

Feasibility Study, Monitoring & Evaluation

The organization essentially need sufficient and good quality information for various purposes, including; project design, decision making, and knowledge management. Addressing these emerging needs, TSB offers our services on :

  • Design and perform the project assessment, social mapping, feasibility study, detailed base-line, and end-line surveys. For the CSR project, the social mapping and assessment will be following PROPER standard and ISO 26000.
  • For the project monitoring and evaluation, we assist the organization in developing the design and preparing the monitoring instruments, delivering the monitoring & evaluation activities.

Sustainability Reporting

A sustainability report benefits organizations to set goals, measure performance, to increase understanding risks and opportunities. The report will disclosures an organization’s impacts on the environment, society, and economy, therefore it is increasingly interested in the organization stakeholders; customers, financers, shareholders.

Through Peraturan OJK no.51/2017 the Government of Indonesia expects the company to develop and share their sustainability report, effectively started by 2020.

TSB sustainability reporting services include GRI standards-based sustainability reporting. We plan, develop and write the complete report including providing custom-designed data templates, statistical analysis and preparation of charts and tables.

Capacity Building and Training

Staffs with multiple knowledge and skillsets are an asset to any organization, it is essential to have employees who are adaptable, flexible and open to embracing new challenges. TSB enthusiasts supporting organization to improve their valuable staff capacity on WASH and solid waste sector which encompassing long-term development program, CSR/CSV project and Humanitarian responses. Our services include;

  • Staff needs assessment and capacity assessments,
  • Designing training programs,
  • Developing training modules,
  • Facilitating classroom training.
  • TSB could assist the organization to evaluate the results and impact of their training program and provide recommendation for improvement.