What We Do

Project Management

Our service aims to assist the organization to develop the project’s initiation, designing & planning project, for implementing CSR, CSV as well as humanitarian response project. We customize project to meet organization purpose and objective, using a participatory approach and standards, such as ISO 26000 standard, especially for CSR and CSV projects.

Communication Strategy & Stakeholders Engagement

Our service aims to develop and strengthen the organization’s “social license” to operate which depends on mutual trust, respect, and transparent communication between the organization and its stakeholders. To meet these objectives, our assistance, therefore, encompasses stakeholder mapping, identifies appropriate communication ways especially for CSR projects or for WASH behavioral change initiative. 

Feasibility Study, Monitoring & Evaluation

An organization essentially needs sufficient and good quality information for various purposes, including for a project design, tracking the project whether need adjustment or not, as well as for knowledge management needs. In this domain, TSB services include designing and performing project assessment, social mapping, feasibility study, detailed base-line, and end-line surveys, as well as performing robust project monitoring and evaluation. For CSR projects, the TSB team is equipped to conduct social mapping and assessment in accordance with PROPER and ISO 26000 standards. 

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting helps organizations to set goals, measure performance, and manage change, disclose organization’s impacts on the environment, society, and economy. A sustainability report attracts increasingly the interest of various organization stakeholders like customers, financers, shareholders. The Government of Indonesia through Peraturan OJK no.51/2017 expects the financial services institutions and public listed companies to develop and share their sustainable report. TSB proudly support organizations in developing sustainability report in line with GRI standard. 

Capacity Building

Our capacity-building approach is a group-learning experience, through training programs, workshops, and seminars. It aims to improve organization staff’s knowledge and skills, in the domain of water, sanitation & hygiene, waste management & humanitarian project management. Our service encompasses: training needs assessment, designing training programs, developing training modules, facilitating classroom training. Training program evaluation is also part of TSB service, aiming to support organizations in measuring results and impact of their training program and provide recommendations for improvement.